Design • Illustration • Digital Imaging
Client:  CULPRIT® FISHING  [2019]
Role:  Creative & Imaging
"Product is King" branding campaign for consumer and trade publications featuring the client's star products.
Client:  MIEKEL® DESIGN  [2020]
Role:  Cover Illustration & Book Design
A fantasy line of book covers for the prolific outdoor writer.
Client: SEA GUIDE® [2014]
Role: Campaign & Creative Direction from Inception
Products featuring a wide selection of high-end components for angler rods. Extensive retouching, technical illustration, logo design and packaging for client's U.S. debut.
Client:  WARNER COLLEGE  [2008]
Role:  Illustration & Graphics Production
Client produced recruitment weekends for new and potential students, produced this foldout informational pass and a host of supporting materials to increase excitement and anticipation for the themed events.
Client:  UNCLE JOSH®  [2019]
Role:  Creative & Graphics Production
New jar packaging including a logo refresh for a new series of re-branded products for the marketplace.
Client:  ACME® TACKLE  [2020]
Role:  Retouching and Imaging
Extensive experience in photo retouching and imaging from a single prototype sample - creating custom colors and features BEFORE THE ACTUAL PRODUCTS EXIST. Used for early sales presentations and later included in the annual product catalog.
Client:  PALADIN® GmbH  [2018]
Role:  Catalog Cover Illustration
A leading German tackle distributor, the annual Paladin product catalog cover along with other special design projects throughout the year. Logo client supplied.
Client:  ACME® TACKLE   [2017]
Role:  Cover Imaging
Client has a prolific range of ice fishing "hard" and "soft" water lure products, we produced the imaging to convey this diverse range on their annual product catalog cover. Logo is a re-fresh from client-supplied.
Client: RESCUE ME ORLANDO [2019]
Role: Creative & Digital Board Production

BOARD DISTRIBUTION: LakelandOutdoor.com
PHOTOGRAPHY:  Aaron Faircloth • lumaphotostudio.com
Creating millions of impressions in and around Orlando for a great rescue service — adopt, foster or make a much needed contribution.  RescueMeOrlando
Client: CULPRIT® FISHING [2019]
Role: Video Editing, Social Media Deployment
One in a series of social posts highlighting customer catches and releases.
Client: BOMBSHELL® LURES [2017]
Role: Creative Direction & Video Editing
30: sec. commercial for in-store POP and broadcast media.
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