Sea Guide® debuts in the U.S. for their first ICAST trade show, offering a product portfolio of more than 50,000 items. We classified products at three levels including  ZEUS Premium, HERO Hi-grade and ATLAS Performance grades to clarify to their customers the performance level and the price point they can expect from the many different component offerings.
Role: Creative direction, logo creation, illustration, imaging/retouching and graphic design.
Mobile Design Concept (2021)
Print Catalog Coded Hang Tags (2015)

Quick-start Guide
A supplemental pamphlet was developed in coordination with the main catalog, providing newer customers a quick-start guide to the basic components and how SeaGuide identifies, tests and categorizes its vast array of fishing rod components.
Logo Development
Master Catalog
Using a horizontal print format to fit the product/illustration/chart sequencing format for each item throughout the product line, product tags and color page headers were developed to designate the good, better and best range of SeaGuide retail products.

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