Role: Creative direction, photography, imaging, retouching and graphic design.
Multi-ad full-page series running in multiple consumer magazines, trade ads either full-page or multi-ad series in trade show-specific issues.
A company well-known in its industry for a particular lure (a lure that had produced the majority of its sales for decades) needed to garner support from past customers and appeal to a new age of modern angler with a super line-up of fresh and relevant lure designs. Presented with a smorgasbord of styles, sizes and colors for the angler (and fish) to relish. Each lure was marketed in all its glory, exposing every fine detail and tantalizing the customer with a seductive "floating or swimming" action seemingly leaping off the page. The client is well known for its high quality and super attention to the finest details -
and the campaign did not disappoint.

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